How to Start a Daycare in Dubai

Childcare is a requirement all over the world. With both parents now working in many cases, childcare assistants, nannies, and babysitters are stepping in to provide childcare services. Here in the UAE, however, there is an extra incentive, in addition to demand, to enter the childcare industry. As the UAE continues its drive to encourage […]

Why Should You Choose a Tax Agent in Dubai?

Tax is a very confusing term for many people. Not everyone understands the articles, protocols, and sub-paragraphs of the law as amended by the government. It is difficult to pay attention and follow all the protocols when the subject is not easily understood and is relatively new to everyone. The same applies to Dubai’s business […]

Why do Small Businesses Need Dubai Company Registration Experts?

In recent years, Dubai has become a hub for many offshore and onshore small businesses. These small businesses employ a large part of the workforce. The UAE economy depends heavily on them. This is certainly an understandable reason for simplifying SME laws aimed at the growth of these small businesses. This should introduce many creative […]

Difficulty Opening a Bank Account in Dubai, UAE

DIFFICULTY OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT IN DUBAI, UAE What are the difficulties in opening a bank account in Dubai and the UAE? Why don’t bank in the Emirates open business accounts? What causes failures? UAE BANK ACCOUNT FOR UAE RESIDENTS Both residents and non-residents can open a bank account. In the former case, it is […]

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Tax Agents!

Advantages of hiring an accounting firm: An accounting firm offers different solutions for a company, and can most likely replace a company’s in-house accounting department. There are many advantages of changing a company’s internal accounting department by outsourcing to an accounting firm. The following are some of the benefits of hiring a company according to […]

Audit And Accounting Services

Are you stressed by unnecessary operating costs in your business? Do you want to reduce costs and increase your company’s profit margin? BestaxCA, one of the most recognized accounting and internal audit firm in Dubai, has a team of professional accountants and auditors with diverse experience in providing audit, tax, and advisory services. BestaxCA staff’s […]

The Importance And Benefits of Financial Consultancy!

With a business advisory service, you can get in touch with an experienced business advisor who can help you with your organization’s needs. An advisor can help with a variety of issues including solvency, finances, future projections, and human resource performance. While being able to balance many things is useful, doing so can be stressful […]

Starting a Business in Dubai as a Foreigner

Dubai is a business incubator and home to a vibrant, resilient, and growing cultural scene. No wonder it is one of the most popular places for UK entrepreneurs to start their businesses. So if you’re thinking of setting up business in Dubai as a foreigner, read on. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF STARTING A BUSINESS […]

Things to Consider Before Setting up a Logistics Company in Dubai, UAE

The post-pandemic business world has been good for the logistics industry. Supply chain networks in different sectors became stronger after companies learned about their vulnerabilities during the lock-in. They have emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever. That’s why this is the right time to set up a logistics company in Dubai, UAE. Previously, this […]

Looking For Home Business Ideas in The UAE?

Who doesn’t want to work from home? Many people abroad and in the UAE have these thoughts. In fact, almost 90% of full-time UAE workers prefer hybrid or fully remote working models. If this is not possible in your current workplace, why not set up your own home business? In fact, there’s no better place […]