Why do Small Businesses Need Dubai Company Registration Experts?

In recent years, Dubai has become a hub for many offshore and onshore small businesses. These small businesses employ a large part of the workforce. The UAE economy depends heavily on them. This is certainly an understandable reason for simplifying SME laws aimed at the growth of these small businesses. This should introduce many creative […]

Important Business Expenses that Entrepreneurs Ignore to Prepare for

Important Business Expenses That Entrepreneurs Ignore To Prepare For. Starting a business or establishing a new company has always been an expensive undertaking. Every individual who plans to start a business should always anticipate all the expenses that may come his way, he should prepare for such expenses in advance. An amateur entrepreneur always focuses […]

Tax Services That Could Benefit You: Excise Tax Consultancy

Excise Tax Consultancy Services in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, businesses that deal with specific goods and services that harm human health and the environment must pay excise tax. This indirect tax is levied by the government in order to control consumption and raise funds for public welfare. To ensure compliance with excise tax regulations, Bestax Chartered Accountants offers the […]

Business Setup Services in Dubai

Do you have a business idea in mind? You’re not alone. But before you start your own company, there are some important things to know about the process of starting up a business in Dubai. Owning a business in Dubai can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the city’s business landscape, […]

11 Important Highlights of UAE Labor Law 2022

A Complete Guidance on UAE Labor Law The UAE government introduced a new framework for private-sector employees under the Federal Decree-Law No.33 of 2021 which came into effect on 2 February 2022. New UAE labor law replaced the previous law Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 by bringing a new shift in employees’ working models, […]

MOF Levy Federal Corporate Tax in UAE from June 2023

MOF Levy Federal Corporate Tax in UAE from June 2023 On 31st January 2022, the Ministry of Finance announced a federal corporate tax on business net profits that will take effect in June 2023. The taxes on corporate profits will be applicable to the financial year beginning on or after June 1, 2023. The regulatory […]

FTA Launches A New Excise Tax Reporting Requirement

On 22nd November 2020, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) launched a new excise tax reporting requirement for business entities in the UAE. In this announcement, authorities stated that businesses need to submit an opening stock declaration from 1st January 2021 to 31st January 202, submissions will be accepted. The latest provision is especially for the […]

FTA Re-determines the Administrative Tax Penalties in UAE

FTA Re-determines the Administrative Tax Penalties in UAE The Federal Tax Authority amends some Provisions of Cabinet Decision No. 40 of 2017 on the Administrative Penalties for Violation of Tax Laws in the UAE. Currently, FTA stated that entities whose total unpaid penalties are due until June 28, 2021, could be settled until December 31, […]

BestaxCA Partners up with Zoho!

BestaxCA Partners up with Zoho, October 2021. Bestax Chartered Accountants is delighted to announce their partnership with Zoho ERP Software. Zoho Office Suite is one of the best accounting softwares in the market containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, customer relationship management, project management, invoicing, and other applications, and Bestax Chartered […]

How to Check TRN Verification in Dubai?

When the VAT registration application is submitted and approved, the authorities assign a TRN to each taxable business in the United Arab Emirates. The FTA issues this VAT number for tax group registration purposes, which should be attached to each supply. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss each point related to TRN verification in […]