The Benefits of VAT Return Filing: Why You Should Do it?

Filing your VAT return is an essential part of compliance in the United Arab Emirates. If a business wants to avoid any penalties, it should be compliant with the Tax Authority. VAT Return Filing can seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of reasons to do it. Not only will you save time […]

BestaxCA Provides Exclusive VAT Services in UAE

The United Arab Emirates government released value-added tax (VAT) on taxable supplies and imports with a 5% VAT rate. The VAT law has been enacted from 1st January 2018 on the mainland and free zones of UAE. Each taxable firm operating in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates must take VAT services in UAE. […]

How to Apply for VAT Registration in UAE 2022

UAE belongs to the GCC group and promises to implement all necessary tax policies to ensure investors that setting up a business in UAE is a worthwhile endeavor. The important announcement is that all companies operating in the United Arab Emirates must record their financial records and transactions to obtain VAT compliance as per FTA […]

List of Documents Required for VAT Registration in UAE

Documents Required for VAT Registration in UAE Value Added Tax (VAT) is levied on all the stages of the supply chain to boost the economy of countries. Developing countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council have recently registered themselves under VAT laws and implemented them on January 1, 2018, with a VAT rate of 5%. All […]

How to Register VAT for Freelancers in UAE?

Do you want to Register VAT for Freelancers in UAE? The UAE regulators have levied new rules and facilities for individuals and corporates for VAT compliance. A number of measures have been taken to ease the working platform for freelancers in the Emirates. It was announced in November 2020 that Abu Dhabi would issue freelancer […]

How do you Get the Best VAT Consultants in Dubai?

VAT stands for value-added tax, a general consumption tax that is imposed on all the stages of production and distribution. VAT is adopted by more than 160 countries in the world and the United Arab Emirates is one of them. In 2018, the regulatory authorities officially announced that each taxable business in UAE has to […]