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How to Check TRN Verification in Dubai?

When the VAT registration application is submitted and approved, the authorities assign a TRN to each taxable business in the United Arab Emirates. The FTA issues this VAT number for tax group registration purposes, which should be attached to each supply. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss each point related to TRN verification in Dubai.

What is TRN Number in UAE?

The TRN means the tax registration number, the specific code that is assigned to each registered business in UAE. The Federal Tax Authority issues this unique number to value-added tax registered individuals and businesses. A TRN may be found on the value-added tax registration certificates that are issued by the FTA. TRN’s purpose is to identify, verify, and comply with UAE VAT laws. The TRN is also known as VAT number, VAT registration number, or VAT identification number.

Significance of TRN Check as per UAE Law

The tax verification or TRN verification in Dubai is essential to ensure business partners that we are VAT registered. According to UAE regulations, each company that deals in taxable goods must be VAT compliant. That is why FTA TRN check is an authorized and trustworthy way of validating one’s tax registration number. A person who pays VAT to someone without TRN verification will not be eligible to receive input tax credits for the value-added tax. Also, the fake TRNs increase the fraud by illegally charging VAT that ultimately affects the revenue. This is why TRN Verification through FTA is so mandatory in the UAE.

Federal Tax Authority TRN Verification

The Federal Tax Authority issued a 15-digit tax registration number to create a difference between registered companies in UAE. The FTA provides TRN verification utility to validate their VAT returns, tax invoices, tax credit notes, and other documents. This enables each taxable person to charge value-added tax on all invoices. The identity of a valid TRN is that the legal person’s name is populated in both English and Arabic language.

TRN Verification in Dubai

Getting a TRN in UAE: Required Documents

To apply for a tax registration number in the UAE, certain documents are required to be submitted. Under UAE VAT laws all of the information is authentic otherwise it may attract heavy fines and penalties. Here you can get A Complete Guide to Tax Residency Certificate UAE.

  • Trade license copy
  • Passport Copies, Emirates IDs
  • Contact details of the company
  • Business owner contact information.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Information about bank accounts.
  • Turnover declaration letter.
  • Custom registration.
  • VAT details, if in any other GCC country

How can I Validate Tax Registration Numbers in UAE?

The Federal tax authority (FTA) portal can perform TRN verification for all registered businesses as well as for a layman in UAE. The user just needs to follow these simple steps for TRN verification in Dubai:

  1. First of all, visit
  2. After that, enter the TRN in the field provided
  3. Next, add the displayed security code.
  4. Hit the button below ‘Validate’
  5. If the TRN is valid, you get the legal person’s name.
  6. Lastly, compare your supplier name with the appeared ones on the invoice.

How Can a Fake TRN be Reported?

When submitting a VAT return, businesses must ensure the validity of suppliers by checking the TRN. A taxable person should report any fraudulent TRN to the relevant authorities via a VAT helpline. This is the responsibility of each citizen living and operating his business in the United Arab Emirates.

Benefits to Verify TRN on Invoices

There are numerous benefits of TRN verification in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that ensure secure supply transactions. Let’s discuss:

  • Minimize the unethical VAT charges.
  • Ensure suppliers for valid transactions.
  • Commence secure tax invoices.
  • Kills the usage of fake tax registration numbers.
  • Safeguard government revenues.
  • verify your VAT status.
  • Ask credit on the input tax.
  • The utility is free for registered & un-registered individuals.

Get Assistance for TRN Verification in Dubai

Valid TRN is required for paying an invoice in the United Arab Emirates to ensure your VAT registration. This VAT Verification in UAE will save your input tax credit on purchases made. But many times individuals and businesses fail in FTA TRN checks due to their negligence and lack of expertise. In that situation, it’s advisable to hire a team of professional tax advisors who assess you in VAT registration and as well as in obtaining TRN. Get in touch with certified accountants and tax advisors for TRN verification in Dubai.

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