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Top 5 Audit Firms in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the foremost industrial hubs of the world and is a great place to do business. Due to this, business owners have an increased responsibility to ensure the government that their financial records are accurate and effectively audited. Each small or big company in Dubai needs an appropriate internal and external audit as per national and international standards.

There are many audit firms in Dubai, but selecting one that’s right for your company can be challenging. We deeply analyze the best audit company in this region, based on their experience, features and services they offer. 

Why is it Important to Pick the Right Audit Services in Dubai?

To make your business successful, you need to choose an auditing firm that can make a substantial impact on your finances. Investing in a reliable, qualified, and reputable auditing firm is one of the best ways to protect and promote your business.

Making a good choice of an auditing firm is a crucial decision. An audit firm that will add value to your business by discovering frauds, personnel weaknesses, and lapses in the internal control system. The firm should offer suggestions regarding issues identified during the audit. The following list provides an overview of the top 5 audit firms in UAE to help you find a partner.

1- KPMG United Arab Emirates

KPMG was established in 1973, one of the leading audit and consultancy firms in the United Arab Emirates. The company has a global network that delivers services to almost 155 countries. They offer high-quality tax, auditing, assurance, advisory and consultancy services with never-ending reliability. 

The Pre-Audit Qualification Training (PAQT) program is delivered by KPMG in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Global Market Academy. The firm values clients by meeting their organizational goals and expectations. We analyze KPMG exceptional qualitative services as the top audit firms in UAE: 

  • Serve private & public listed companies. 
  • High Charges for auditing services.
  • Insight into your financial & non-financial concerns.
  • Ensure transparency in Performance 
  • Build trust by timely corporate reporting.

2- Grant Thornton UAE

Grant Thornton is one of the most renowned chartered accounting firms in the United Arab Emirates with a reputation among commercial clients. Its global network of 58,000 members representing over 130 countries, provides access to resources according to the local and international market’s needs. 

The G.T is an expert in the highest quality accounting, taxation, and auditing services. With experience handling clients from different industries, it is capable of providing all audit and assurance services. The following are some of the unique characteristics of G.T audit firms in UAE:

  • High-quality audit service and fee. 
  • Excellence, expertise and innovation in services.
  • Assist local and international businesses.
  • Compliance with IFRS for auditing.
  • Personalized solutions tailored to your needs.

3- Bestax Chartered Accountants

The Bestax Chartered Accountant and advisors are one of the finest choices for professional audit services in UAE. The team of auditors has served up to 15 years in the major industries and has developed an impressive reputation in Dubai. BestaxCA is an award-winning firm that works ethically and follows all federal laws to save your money.

The company is offering a wide range of services such as professional tax consultancy (VAT & Excise), all types of audit & assurance services and other financial advisory services by Implementing advanced accounting software. BestaxCA maintains close relationships with both domestic and international clients. Having rapidly growing customers, the firm has the skills and techniques to handle every type of complex accounting and auditing issue. The features that make it different from other audit firms in Dubai are as follows:

  • Highly-qualified Chartered Accountants & Auditors
  • Customer Focused Accounting Solutions
  • Cost-effective risk-based audit.
  • Strongly Committed to Integrity and Reliability 
  • Assure 100% Client Satisfaction

4- BDO United Arab Emirates:

BDO counts as the best audit firms in the United Arab Emirates since 1975. The company is operating in almost 162 countries around the globe. It endeavors to gain clients’ trust by relying on its expertise in the fields of tax consultancy, financial advisory, audit & assurance and other business services. Its mission is to provide companies with the finest accounting and auditing growth in this competitive market of UAE.

  • Facilitate all domestic & international businesses
  • Certified & experienced team of Auditors
  • Belief in Strong and Personal Client Relationships.
  • Provide innovative and valuable ideas.
  • Utilize a proactive & adaptable auditing approach

5- Push Digits Global

Push Digits Chartered Accountants is one of the prominent audit firms in Dubai. It has 20+ years of experience in the field of accountancy, tax, auditing and financial consultancy. Push Digits Global has emerged as a one-stop solution provider for businesses to monitor internal and external controls. 

Throughout the world, Push Digits has earned an excellent reputation among individual businesses and enterprises. The firm values all its clients, regardless of size, and builds healthy relationships for the long run. Below we find some reasons for calling it the best audit company in UAE.

  • ISO-certified Audit firm.
  • Serve SMEs & large Enterprises.
  • Economical Charges for Audit & Assurance.
  • Believes in Integrity, Transparency & Professional Care.
  • Highly Competent and Qualified auditors.

Individuals and corporates have the right to select among the top audit firms in UAE. Although this simple analysis assists you in finding the most suitable audit service that matches your organization’s requirements and will increase your revenue.

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